The Great Massachusetts Cleanup @ Johns Pond in Mashpee


On April 28, Old Colony Trailblazers teamed up with Mohawk 4×4 Adventures  (  and the town of Mashpee, MA to clean up a few remaining dump sites located in several remote areas in the John’s Pond Conservation Area in Mashpee.

Before gates were installed at the entrance roads to the conservation land five years ago, people would drive to remote, isolated areas in the middle of the land and dump their garbage. According to Mashpee Conservation Agent Andrew R. McManus , “These were large-scale dumping sites years ago, they are the last major areas of trash in Johns Pond Conservation Area.”  He has been waiting to find volunteers who could get there and clean them up. The project was spearheaded by assistant conservation agent for the Town of Mashpee, Katelyn W. Cadoret who had recently met Michael W. White, president of Mohawk 4×4 Adventures, at a trail conference. Old Colony Trailblazers had seen a post online about the cleanup, and volunteered to join the effort. Eighteen drivers of all-terrain vehicles from both Mohawk 4×4 and Old Colony volunteered for the day, as well as some Mashpee residents, and businesses such as Seekonk Tree Service .

The cleanup was very successful and all the remaining dump areas were cleaned up. In all, the trash removed was enough to not only fill up the 30 yard dumpster donated by Ron’s Excavating Inc., but also an extra 10-15 yards worth as well.

The event finished up with a rare opportunity to do a little riding in an area that is normally off limits to motorized recreation and an overnight camp-out as well.

Click the link below to read an excellent write up by Karen Hunter for The Mashpee Enterprise.

**Volunteers Clean Up Dumping Sites Near Johns Pond**



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