About Us

The OCTB Mission Statement:

Old Colony Trailblazers advocates for the development of safe and sustainable off-road vehicle trails, parks and events for the enjoyment of all while promoting an awareness and an appreciation of our natural resources.


Old Colony Trailblazers is an ATV club that was formed with the intent of banding together like minded OHV enthusiasts who are willing to work together to help create safe, legal OHV trails in Plymouth and Bristol counties in Massachusetts. We hope to accomplish this by working with local municipalities, state agencies, other local organizations, landowners and residents to help us develop cooperative and sustainable OHV riding opportunities in our local area.

The lack of legal areas to ride drives riders underground, creating negative impacts such as:

  • Makes it difficult to educate young riders about safety and “riding right”
  • Creates problems for law enforcement
  • Fosters a very negative image of OHV sports
  • Creates animosity with landowners and local residents
  • Results in illegal/unmaintained trails which have a negative impact on ecologically sensitive areas and the local environment in general.

We invite interested ATV riders to form a committee to help identify areas for possible trails, trail linkages, tracks and event venues.



Matt Westfield – Co-founder                   Sharl Heller – Co-founder